@iederwoord, waarom?

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De laatste tijd werd mijn aandacht regelmatig getrokken door de tweets van @everyword. Dit is een twitteraccount dat probeert alle woorden van de Engelse taal in alfabetische volgorde te tweeten. Op zich lijkt dat vreemd, maar eigenlijk is het best aardig om te zien hoe die woorden zonder enige context toch vaak een betekenis krijgen.


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Shoemaker, stick to your last

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A shoemakers last - een schoenmakers leest

Do you have a Google+ account? I do. Of course I had to get in on the hype, and made sure I had an invitation, just like I did with Google Wave, a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, Google Wave died pretty quick, but that really had some revolutionary stuff in it. It was cool.

Google+ is actually not that cool, I think. It looks good, there is some awesome ideas in it that Facebook will undoubtedly copy without any shame (they've already copied the best feature), and then it will die too. Over the past few years, I've joined just about any social network out there as soon as it was available. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquareOrkut (which is Google too, by the way), StumbleUpon (I still use that), ICQ, MySpace, and of course Hyves, which was (or is) very popular in The Netherlands, but is now losing it to Facebook as well.


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Blog hosting moved

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A Small Orange

Related link: A Small Orange Hosting

Remember I wrote this 3 days ago?

Well, today I succesfully moved my website from it's old stomping grounds at MijnDomein.nl to one of the servers of A Small Orange. Although these moves can take up to 72 hours, they say, it was done with 3 hours.

I don't know if you've noticed the speed of the website now, but I have. Loading pages is 3 to 6 times faster all of a sudden! In the "back-end" of the website, where I write these blogposts, the difference at least feels like it is 10 times faster!

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Starbucks is throwing laptop-lingerers out

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Related link: NYC Starbucks Taking Steps to Block WiFi 'Loiterers'

Apparently the people that use the free WiFi in Starbucks coffeeshops are starting to become a problem. I have to admit I have done this too: you go into a coffeshop, order a cup of coffee (maybe a pastry), and sit down with your laptop at one of the tables. Nobody bothers you, and you can sit there virtually forever.

Some Starbucks restaurants in New York City want to put a stop to this.


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Where to host a website?

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yes, a small orange

Related link: Short answer: A Small Orange

A lot of times, I get the question: Where should I host my website? To be honest with you, I really don't know. It all depends. And there are too many hosting companies out there to compare them all. You canl;t really go by these lists of "Ten best hosting companies", because I'm pretty sure the hosting company that pays the most is on the top of those lists.

In the past, I have pointed people to MijnDomein for .nl domains, they seem to do a decent job, for not much money.

For non-Dutch people, I've recommended FatCow hosting, but mainly because they are cheap. The quality of their support is not all that great, I think, but if your demands are low, go ahead and do it.

If you want my honest opinion, A Small Orange hosting is the absolute best I've ever tried. They have a very knowledgable crew of people, that speak English. Their servers are fast, and their 'Tiny' plan is enough for most small websites or blogs. You can also register .nl domains with them, and this blog is going to be moved to their servers soon (it's on MijnDomein now, but it's just too much hassle to pay their Dutch invoices with my American bankaccount).

Disclaimer: Yes, these are affiliate links.

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Old blogs online

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Much to my surprise, I've found an old backup of some blogs I wrote before 2008. to my surprise, because I'm not much of a backer-upper. Anyway, they are online now, becasue I was able to import them to this blog, that runs on PivotX.

There's only one problem...picutres in those blogs are not shown until I open the actual blog, and save it again. 

They're all in Dutch, by the way.

Old blogs online

A Google Netbook!

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Google Cr-48

A couple of days ago, I saw this blogpost on engadget.com. Of course I signed up for the test-drive right away, thinking I would probably never get one, but it was worth a shot. No confirmation, nothing. So you can imagine my surprise when I came home this afternoon, finding a UPS box addressed to me. This could only mean one thing! Inside the UPS box was another, gorgeously designed box.


A Google Netbook!