What keeps the police busy in Tallmadge, OH

Posted on Thursday 26 January 2012 at 9:09 pm in category: Police Reports
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Up until now, I've only been posting reports from the police in Hudson. Some of you might think that nothing ever happens outside of Hudson, but this is far from the horrible truth.

Take for example Tallmadge, a town not too far from Hudson. The most odd things happen here. Please read the little clipping out of the Tallmadge Express of January 22, 2012 below, first:

Tallmadge Express, January 22, 2012

After I read this about 20 times, I am still stuck with lots of questions. My first one was of course 'what in the hell is a Transcutaneous Electro-Nerve Stimulator?'. Turns out it's one of those little torture devices, of which the benefit has never been really clinically proven.

Another question is: 'Why would anyone want to steal it?' Can you sell it? A quick search on EBay for  Transcutaneous Electro-Nerve Stimulator didn't show any results, so there is not a big market for them, or so it seems. On the local Craigslist however, this showed up, which may or may not be the actual unit that was stolen.

Now back to the article in the newspaper. If you read it again, you might actually see that the victim of this heinous crime reported that the device was stolen "between Sept. 29 and Dec. 21" . That means you need to come up with one heck of an alibi if the thing is found in your possesion.

"Excuse me sir, where were you between Thursday September 29 and Wednesday December 21, 2011?"

And last, but not least I am thinking: How long did it take the poor police officer on duty before he had that thing spelled right in the police report?

PS. I've searched and searched, but could not find any TENS units with a value of $500. It might all be an insurance scam.

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