What keeps the court busy in Cuyahoga County

Posted on Monday 26 September 2011 at 12:39 pm in category: Police Reports
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I've been making a little fun of the Hudson police recently, because it seems that they keep themselves busy with pretty stupid things, if you read the police report in the Hudson Hub on Sundays. To be honest, I am sure they have a lot of other things going on too, and do a lot of good work - but that wouldn't be as funny of course.

If you want to be really horrified by what people do to other people, you should read the 'Court Watch' section in Cleveland's Plain Dealer on any given Sunday. Let's look at a small selection...

From The Plain Dealer of September 25th, 2011:

First of all, there is Anthony Leonard, who apparently thinks it's ok to take 9-year-olds and force them to do whatever you want. Unfortunately for him, we can match DNA samples these days, so we will probably be convicted for something he thought he got away with in 1998. Disclaimer: he has not been found guilty yet.

Anthony Leonard's case

Then we have Christine Bachmann, who punished her grandchild by twisting his genitals, probably creating a sexually frustrated individual, to assure we'll have these court reports in the future as well. Keep your eye out for this one, she's on a 5-year probation.

Christine Bachmann's case

And last but not least is Laura Molnar, who goes around Brecksville torturing 4-year olds with burning cigarettes and pepper spray, for which she now has to serve 3 years in jail.

Laura Molnar's case

Don't worry. I am not going to turn this blog into some kind of crime-hunting website, I'm sure I'll find something funny to post again. When I read this court report yesterday though, I got so upset by what some people do to kids, that I needed to share it.