Usability Issue

Posted on Monday 22 August 2011 at 11:51 am in category: USA, Whatever
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Here's something that has been bothering me for a while now. I've been to the parking garage of Akron General Hospital quite a few times, and everytime I drive in there, I see this sign:

North Parking Deck

As you can see, the parking deck has nice color coded floors, so you can remember where you parked easily. The buttons in the elevator inside do not have these color codes, which is stupid in itself, but I can live with that. Somebody has given the basement floor the color green, the ground floor the color blue, first floor is orange, and the second floor is red. A committee has probably looked at it and approved it. 

The real problem is this: wouldn't it make way more sense to give the 'Basement Floor' the color blue, so you can remember Blue - B - Basement, and the 'Ground Floor' the color green (Green - G - Ground)? Of course, I'm not even talking about people that are colorblind, but they probably should use the handicapped parking spots anyway. I do not know if everyone has this problem, but I do. When I get in the elevator, I always push the 'G' button, because I remember being on the green floor, and then I end up looking for my car on the wrong floor...

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