Starbucks is throwing laptop-lingerers out

Posted on Tuesday 09 August 2011 at 08:49 am in category: Whatever, USA, Nerds
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Apparently the people that use the free WiFi in Starbucks coffeeshops are starting to become a problem. I have to admit I have done this too: you go into a coffeshop, order a cup of coffee (maybe a pastry), and sit down with your laptop at one of the tables. Nobody bothers you, and you can sit there virtually forever.

Some Starbucks restaurants in New York City want to put a stop to this.

The free WiFi service has become so popular with free-lance workers, students and other cheap people are taking up so maby tables, that customers that come in for a cup of coffee actually don't have a place to sit down anymore. Starbucks solution to this is to block the electrical outlets that are close to the table, so the time with your laptop is limited.


Of course I would never do it at Starbucks. their coffee is horrible. I have never tried the fancy things like the Caramel Brulée Frappuccino® Blended Beverage, but their regular coffee is just not good. I think it's because the water is too hot when they brew it, and then they keep it too hot in their pots. Everybody knows that to brew good coffee, your water should actually be below boiling temperature quite a bit, but Starbucks does not know that, or doesn't care.

Here is my suggestion: find a Panera Bread restaurant. First of all their coffee is ok, they have only a few tables per restaurant that have a power outlet next to it, and you can get your coffee mug refilled for free! The perfect venue for a laptop loiterer.

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