Blue Hen Falls

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Blue Hen Falls

A short downhill walk through the woods off of Boston Mills Road, in the beautiful Cuyahoga Valley National park in North East Ohio, is a gorgeous waterfall called Blue Hen Falls. Although not quite as spectacular as the nearby Brandywine Falls, that I wrote something about two years ago, it is definitely a place worth visiting.

Even if you don't like long hikes, you can visit the falls, because it really is less than half a mile from the parking lot. Although the hiking trail is rated moderate to difficult, I made it there with a baby stroller. There is a nice strategically placed bench right by the waterfall, so you can rest a little bit before you walk back to the car (I admit, it is a little steep going back up).

The qualification 'moderate' or 'difficult' is probably more appropriate for the 4 mile hiking trail that starts at the falls, but I did not go there this time (remember, I had a baby stroller with me, including a baby). A little bit further down the trail you'll find the Buttermilk Falls, where alledgedly you can go down into the stream, and walk back to the Blue Hen falls through the shallow stream.

Here are some pictures I took:

Upstream from the falls

Blue Hen Falls

Blue Hen Falls

From these pictures, taken with my iPod, it becomes painfully clear that I need a decent camera, or maybe even an iPhone (I hear they take great pictures).

So, if you're willing to trade a camera (or an iPhone), here is what I have to offer:

  • I can make you a website or blog.
  • If you use PivotX as a blogging platform, I can help you out with some custom templates or extensions.
  • If you want to visit North East Ohio, you can stay at my house.
  • I have woodworking skills, so I could make something for you.
Let me know in the comments!

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