A new layout

Posted on Wednesday 17 November 2010 at 10:26 pm in category: Nerds
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Finally, I decided to change the layout of this blog, hoping it will encourage me to update it on a more regular basis. I agree that it doesn't look very snazzy or colorful, but that wasn't the intention either. I like it simple, and I'm not in the mood for vibrant colors either.

A couple of remarks about the design:

If you're using Internet Explorer to look at it, the header doesn't look very good, but then you're probably used to seeing crappy websites, so you might not care. I used some CSS3 thingies in there, and Internet Explorer is notorious for not following standards like the other browsers. For people that use an old browser: this is what it would look like if you used Opera, Firefox, Chrome or Safari:

Now go upgrade your browser!

I used the Google Font Directory for the first time too, and I must say it works like a charm.

And of course, it is all powered by the fantastic PivotX, a product that makes me proud to be Dutch.