The baby that remained nameless for 48 hours

Posted on Monday 08 February 2010 at 10:26 am in category: USA
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on Friday the 5th of February 2010, our newest addition was born. Although I was pretty much convinced it would be a girl, it turned out it was another little boy. We didn't expect him until the 10th, and because we come from a long line of procrastinators, we didn't have a name yet.

Eventually it was decided on Sunday night that he should go by the name of Finn, middle name Tucker.

One of the meanings of 'Finn' is 'somebody from Finland', which seems appropriate, because most Americans think I am from Finland anyway (since The Netherlands is a part of Finland, a little bit north of the Black Sea, with it's beatiful capital of Stockholm).

But actually, this meaning appeals more to me:

The name Finn is a baby boy name. The name Finn comes from the Irish origin. In Irish The meaning of the name Finn is: Fair. Mythology; Finn Mac Cumhail was legendary Irish 3rd century hero similar to the English Robin Hood. His warrior-followers were named Finians.

After some research, Tucker seems to mean 'Tailor', so it's safe to assume that this baby boy was named after a badass medieval fashion designer or something.

In the mean time, Finn and mama are back at home, where they got a warm welcome from Abby and Kees, although their approach was quite different:

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